Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday the 30

no pics this am- another neighborhood walk, due to having a booth at the market today.

this is from BPR Director Jim Hall's August newsletter:

FOOTHILLS PATROL: The city has worked out a contract with the IdahoHumane Society (IHS) to have them patrol the Ridge to Rivers system to issue citations and educate users regarding dogs on the trails. IHS officers will begin patrolling the Foothills and green parks on Sept. 1.This contract is a response to citizen feedback on recommendations created by the Dog Working Group. Our foothills crews have been seeing more evidence of non-compliance from dog owners using foothills trails.We hope that the patrols will help educate people about the need to control their pets and clean up after themselves.

sounds like maybe people are slipping a bit. i will work on a reader's opinion for the statesman, and erik has developed some nice business cards sized handouts to gently remind folks of the rules (and the stakes) will let folks know when they're ready to go.

Here's the agenda for Wednesday's meeting:

Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee
7:30 AM, September 3, 2008
Foothills Learning Center Conference Room


I. Call to Order

II. Approval of August 6, 2008 Minutes

III. Brief update on various land exchanges.

IV. Discussion and possible action regarding Foothills Trails and dog uses. David Gordon

V. Pole Cat Trail policy. David Gordon

David is making his recommendations for the off leash rules changes. May be the same as a few months ago, may have changed. We have been told that there will be no action taken at this meeting, decision to be made in October.

We have lots of volunteers for See Spot Swim, can use a few more for Trailpalooza & will pass along Poop Scoop info soon.

IHS has generously offered to print the banner for us, and Erik Kingston & Susan Marston are helping with additional printing. Ginger from Northwest Business Solutions is having some t shirts made up for us.

If anyone is interested in coordinating a Boise Trail DOG group for See Spot Walk in October, please let me know. IHS has been very supportive, be nice to give back.

Thanks so much to everyone- you're all great!

Have a good holiday weekend- I'm off until Tuesday-


Anonymous said...

Let me know when you get your Reader's Opinion in the paper. I'll be sure to read it!

Carla and Indi

marianne said...

hi carla- hope you & indi are having fun...... don't think i'll make it to class tomorrow, but see you soon!