Friday, August 22, 2008

weekend soon

another gorgeous morning. starting to feel like fall- nice and cool this morning. (good thing since our ac conked out yesterday!). all dogs and owners well behaved, mt bikers polite (on your left, thank you, that sort of thing).

4 leashes at 9th street, 2 in camel's back- erik's tags are working well. one gentleman actually using the leash in the manner in which it was intended- and glad to be able to, which was very cool.

if any of you are as sad about satchel's as i am, here is the scoop: they need an infusion of $55,000 to keep going. more details available if you want them, but that's the bottom line. they are looking for investors to raise the capital. if $25,000 is pledged by tomorrow fundraising efforts will take place through September.

satchel's is a great community supporter- bike teams; artists, both visual and musical; they have had writers come in and give talks; many groups have held fundraising events there. the movies on the wall are great fun, the food is good and healthy. and the patio is dog friendly- water bowls, the whole enchilada.

if you are interested in investing, or have any questions, please email

9 with, 12 without. have a great weekend!

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