Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good to be home

it is so good to be home, and i am so thankful that i have this to look forward to every day rather than this:

nothing like a trip to where it's flat and humid to make me remember how much i appreciate boise.

nothing like running on a treadmill in a tiny "exercise room" (one bike, one treadmill, one all in one weight set, no free weights) to make me itch to get out on the trails and really appreciate it when i do.

so thanks to all of the people through the years who had the vision and courage to fight to get the trail system set up and who continue to preserve and expand it.

these are my favorite colors of all time. i love the tawny color of the dry grass (we'll pretend it isn't cheat) and the dark skies- especially when it's an afternoon thunderstorm bringing the color.

it was a beautiful morning. everyone nice & well behaved (good since i've had 5 hrs of sleep). the dogs were sniffing up a storm and running down the trail. they get city sidewalk walks when i'm out of town and nothing wrong with that, i think it's good to mix it up, but they were very interested in everything this morning, after not being on the trails since last friday.

10 with and 9 without- busy busy! thanks to the runner who, noticing we were on leash stopped and leashed his dog up too.

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