Monday, August 4, 2008

not everyone wants to meet your dog

halle has earned herself some one on one time- her, me and the e collar. she has started a bad habit of lunging- b/c she has figured out it gets her loose (usually b/c she pulls me off my feet). not safe for her or me, so time to do something about it.

this morning we were sitting on the side of the trail. yellow lab, shorthair trotting down the trail toward us. no owners in sight. lab stops to say hi- i say back off, halle lunges, i go down, owners show up.

i mentioned that when someone has dogs off to the side of the trail it's usually because they don't want other dogs to come up. the woman was somewhat indignant- she couldn't see me, how could she know?

maybe they could see their dogs and not me, but it seemed quite a while before they came up, and when i looked down the trail to see someone behind the dogs approaching i didn't see anyone to call to.

i am pretty sure that the women had a conversation about how the whole thing was my fault, which is fine. why i am back to work with halle. all i can control is my own dogs. it would be much smarter just to let go of the leash, and if she tangles up the runners or scares them or their dogs so be it.

i get nervous if i can't see my dogs. always have. it's safer to keep them in sight. and more respectful of other trail users.

i have 2 friends who are very frightened of dogs. they are ok with mine, because they know them, but strange dogs of any shape or size scare them. they do not appreciate being approached by dogs on the trail- especially with no owners in evidence.

i know several people with dog aggressive dogs who have to walk them leashed. they are being responsible and doing the right thing, and they have as much right to use the trails as anyone. it gets to be quite a rodeo when a loose dog comes bopping over to say hi.

there are people who keep their dogs leashed because their recall isn't good. see point above about the rodeo.

i see runners with their leashes around their waists- a loose dog tangling with their leashed dog could take them down.

i have a friend with a small dog that is afraid of big dogs- she shouldn't have to pick her up, the owners should keep their dogs away.

there are places when a dog could get in the way of a bike and get run over-

and, as always there's the poop factor.

the bottom line is that with all of the use the trails get and since a person never knows what's going on ahead it's a good idea to keep dogs in sight and call them back when another user approaches. i see lots of dog owners doing this- bode's mom this morning, when she saw a leashed dog approaching on red fox- called him back, held his collar, everyone passed nicely.

anyway- 9 with and 9 without.
have a great monday!

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