Wednesday, June 30, 2010

how lucky we are!

the ridge to rivers trails are such an wonderful resource. 

it is truly amazing to be able to start every day with a walk from my house on trails that have such a variety of birds, vegetation & wildlife so close to an urban area.

although i use trails more recreationally than socially (ie. i try to be out when it isn't crowded) i have been lucky enough to meet some great people because of the system.

add to that the fact that so much of the system allows off leash dogs and we have a unique situation that sometimes gets taken for granted. this is a reminder to myself not to do that.

saw bodhi & his mom this morning & had a great time rubbing mr. wiggle butt's belly & catching up with ilene. halle was disappointed bod didn't want to play, but he's all about the people....

the flower book says sagebrush mariposa tulips (as far as i can tell). sego lily shaped, different coloring.

 echo did the look out thing as we came down chickadee but i couldn't figure out what he had. i should know by now to trust him that there's something there, though. bottom of the hill was a muley. so proud of the dogs for sitting & staying while i took the photo. the white stuff is hemlock, noxious weed.
yesterday there was a wedding (white dress, jackets & all- it was great!) on top of camel's back. this mroning there was a fiddler (also great!)

happy trails!

Monday, June 21, 2010


gorgeous morning- first time i've heard the bullfrogs this year. lots of orioles and a quail sitting right by the trail who didnt move as we walked by.

 fleabane added to the wildflower procession

great walk. strange conversation with 2 women with 3 dogs who asked me if we were on an on leash trail when they saw me leash up & get off to the side. they were gathering dogs when they asked, but when i said no they quit doing that. so i asked them not to let their dogs run up, explainin that mine play rough & will take people out at the knees running around. and i am not going to try to hold onto them if someone is not going to control their dog. one woman said something about not knowing why people didn't want the dogs to meet. you know what, it doesn't matter why. if someone asks, keep your dog away. it's pretty easy.

why, oh why do i never remeber to say "it's off leash under control, so if someone asks for a dog not to approach them, the dog should be controlled"?

regardless, the women were nice enough, no harm, i just wish i could find a better way to articulate.

in chicago now, be fun to see what's new when we get back out on friday. happy trails!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i've been a big slacker on posting, but not on getting out. it's bizarrely green for this time of year due to all of the wet (tho the cheat is turning regardless)

there have been a few sunny days

wildflowers are putting on a show

people have been great- smiling, pleasant, either restraining their dogs when they see mine leashed or sitting or not asking questions is i ask them to keep their dogs close. have seem more off leash dogs in the on leash trails, but it seems to happen this time every year.

happy trails!

Friday, June 11, 2010

catching up

what a gorgeous morning! we've been out & it has been very nice, between those times we couldn't get out b/c it was too wet or there was traveling.

the trails could be cleaner, but the users have been great lately. people keep their dogs with them without argument or question and are nice about it. i overheard a woman today telling her friend as she grabbed her dog's collar that she did that b/c she wasn't always sure how her dogs would react. i thanked her.

it's not an uncommon situation- one i have with echo- but so easy to deal with if your dog is well trained enough to come when called & stay with you, and other dog owners respecvt that & keep their dogs with them. doesn't have to be a big deal, we all get off leash time, it's all good.

anyway- here's hoping for things staying dry & a great weekend- happy trails!