Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh what a beautiful morning!

it was frosty yesterday.....

but gorgeous this morning

i caught part of the oriole! (not the best part, but proof he's around!)

trails getting busier in the mornings again, but everyone is really nice & polite. seeing more off leash dogs in the on leash area again. it seems to cycle.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hammer Flats

I wanted to share the information below on the situation with hang gliders and Hammer Flats. Hang gliders had been using the Crow Gliding area with land owner permission for 35 years and were locked out when the city purchased the land with levy money. At this point, everyone is locked out of the area, and the city is talking about turning management over to Fish & Game, who in turn said "if people are thinking in terms of additional recreational activities, they're probably going to be disappointed." More information below.

Our money purchased this land. Although I don't necessarily think that we need miles of trails or off leash access in every part of the foothills I strongly believe that purchasing land with public funds and taking away access, particularly for an activity that's being going on for 35 years without apparent detrimental effects, is very wrong. Especially when decisions are being made artbitrarily behind closed doors without public input.

Please get involved as you see fit.


Are we being hammered at Hammer Flats?

Back in 2001 Boise voters passed a $10 million dollar open space serial levy to do five specific things. By statute, serial levies must do that which they say they will do. When we voted, our ballots stated that "approved levy funds will: Protect water quality; Preserve wildlife habitat; Provide increased recreational areas for walking, biking, and other outdoor activities; Limit overdevelopment and traffic; and Protect natural vegetation that prevents mudflows and washouts."

This spring, Boise spent the last $4 million dollars of our trust fund buying the 700 acre Hammer Flats property including the Crow Gliding Area just above the Crow Inn. Immediately and without any public meetings or input, the City announced that Hammer Flats would be managed by IDFG (Idaho Department of Fish and Game.) One IDFG manager was then quoted saying this about Hammer Flats "if people are thinking in terms of additional recreational opportunities, they're probably going to be disappointed." Some reports stated that no new trails and roads would be built. Other reports indicated that even existing roads and trails could be closed. One thing is for certain, our expectations and our open space is being spun by Boise City and the IDFG.

The Fish and Game mission statement reads "All wildlife.. shall be preserved, protected, perpetuated, and managed. for. continued supplies of such wildlife for hunting, fishing and trapping." In other words, IDFG grows fish and animals so that they can be harvested. Nothing is said about managing people and outdoor activities.

What we don't know; Why are Boise hikers, runners, bicyclists, hang gliders, climbers, equestrians, dog owners, and other outdoor enthusiasts are being ignored by the City in favor of IDFG and their mission statement to grow and harvest animals? Why is Hammer Flats not being integrated into the Boise Park and Recreation system where its many uses including winter habitat can be balanced? Just who in Boise City is making the decisions to ignore the citizens, and the letter and intent of the serial levy?

What we know: The final half of our Boise open space trust fund is now being earmarked to benefit the IDFG. Private meetings are now being held between IDFG and Boise City. Outdoor user groups have not been contacted by Boise City, including those who have expressed a desire to utilize the open space at Hammer Flats. No public meetings have occurred. The first time "we the people" will have an opportunity to comment "on the deal" will be when the City Council votes on the matter after IDFG and Boise City finish their private meetings. IDFG has already locked the gates to our land and has posted their signs prior to any agreement. IDFG will use No Trespassing Laws to enforce "their" lands.

John Kangas,
Lifetime Boise Resident and Spokesperson - Idaho Hang Gliding Association

Crow Gliding Area Update for May 21st,2010

Our team has been very busy this week. Today we sent Public Record Requests to both the City of Boise and Idaho Fish and Game regarding their closed door meetings. They should receive the requests on Monday, and under State law they will have 3 days to respond.

Also today, we had most of our story published online at the Boise Weekly.

Last week, we had an article published in the Idaho Statesman, both in print and online. The day the Statesman article came out the paper ran an online poll. With 650 responses in just one day, twice as many readers felt that the property should remain open for recreation compared to those who felt the property should be locked up for deer only.

All outdoor groups in Boise need to be made aware of these articles. We need to expand everyone's understanding of this emerging situation. Keep the letters and phone calls going in to our elected representatives. They work for us and not the other way around.


Blaine, Lisa, Patrick, Aaron, and John.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wow! been a long time!

one thing that dog owners should be aware of is the situation with hang gliders and the newly purchased hammer flats area. hang gliders have been using the property for 35 years through an agreement with previous land owners and are now locked out as the city determines the future use of the area. read about it here .

most of the people i know did not vote for the serial levy to purchase land and have historical uses taken away. do i think that there should be a million miles of trails added? no. have the hang gliders co existed with wildlife in the area for the past 35 years? it seems that they have.

most disturbing is that this seems to follow the same pattern as the off leash dog issue of arbitrarily making a decision without having any discussion with the affected user group to look for solutions.

please get educated & get involved if it seems appropriate. the hang gliders are asking people to write to the mayor and council.

we have been out on the trails, just been busy...... in the meatime, the grass has gotten high

the arrowleaf balsamroot is still blooming

as are new additions.


i saw my first oriole of the season the other day, but he wouldn't give me a good photo opp, will have to keep trying.

i'm afraid i've missed the lupine on corrals, but will try to get up there with a camera soon just in case....

meantime, happy trails-

Saturday, May 1, 2010

hull's gulch interpretive trail

nice hike this morning on the interpretive trail. i don't usually hike that one for several reasons- i've heard it can be snaky, there are boatloads of poison ivy by the creek, it's narrow & windy & i seem to run into a high pecentage of "dogs must run free" people on it. but since it was 8 am and kinda icky out i decided it would be worth a try.

the owls were out on the way up. of course i didn't have the big camera, but i did the best i could.


desert parsley


prairie star

red twig dogwood

halle & echo had a great romp. i had to talk myself into getting out this morning, but i was so glad that i had once i was out- listening to the meadowlarks & the running water and watching the dogs sniff and run and totally be in the moment engaged with their environment always does its magic.

happy trails!