Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wow! been a long time!

one thing that dog owners should be aware of is the situation with hang gliders and the newly purchased hammer flats area. hang gliders have been using the property for 35 years through an agreement with previous land owners and are now locked out as the city determines the future use of the area. read about it here .

most of the people i know did not vote for the serial levy to purchase land and have historical uses taken away. do i think that there should be a million miles of trails added? no. have the hang gliders co existed with wildlife in the area for the past 35 years? it seems that they have.

most disturbing is that this seems to follow the same pattern as the off leash dog issue of arbitrarily making a decision without having any discussion with the affected user group to look for solutions.

please get educated & get involved if it seems appropriate. the hang gliders are asking people to write to the mayor and council.

we have been out on the trails, just been busy...... in the meatime, the grass has gotten high

the arrowleaf balsamroot is still blooming

as are new additions.


i saw my first oriole of the season the other day, but he wouldn't give me a good photo opp, will have to keep trying.

i'm afraid i've missed the lupine on corrals, but will try to get up there with a camera soon just in case....

meantime, happy trails-

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