Saturday, May 1, 2010

hull's gulch interpretive trail

nice hike this morning on the interpretive trail. i don't usually hike that one for several reasons- i've heard it can be snaky, there are boatloads of poison ivy by the creek, it's narrow & windy & i seem to run into a high pecentage of "dogs must run free" people on it. but since it was 8 am and kinda icky out i decided it would be worth a try.

the owls were out on the way up. of course i didn't have the big camera, but i did the best i could.


desert parsley


prairie star

red twig dogwood

halle & echo had a great romp. i had to talk myself into getting out this morning, but i was so glad that i had once i was out- listening to the meadowlarks & the running water and watching the dogs sniff and run and totally be in the moment engaged with their environment always does its magic.

happy trails!


Life With Dogs said...

I would love to get lost for a week there with my mountain bike and a dog. Beautiful country...

marianne said...

thanks for stopping by & commenting! it is beautiful country- we're really lucky!