Friday, June 11, 2010

catching up

what a gorgeous morning! we've been out & it has been very nice, between those times we couldn't get out b/c it was too wet or there was traveling.

the trails could be cleaner, but the users have been great lately. people keep their dogs with them without argument or question and are nice about it. i overheard a woman today telling her friend as she grabbed her dog's collar that she did that b/c she wasn't always sure how her dogs would react. i thanked her.

it's not an uncommon situation- one i have with echo- but so easy to deal with if your dog is well trained enough to come when called & stay with you, and other dog owners respecvt that & keep their dogs with them. doesn't have to be a big deal, we all get off leash time, it's all good.

anyway- here's hoping for things staying dry & a great weekend- happy trails!

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