Wednesday, June 30, 2010

how lucky we are!

the ridge to rivers trails are such an wonderful resource. 

it is truly amazing to be able to start every day with a walk from my house on trails that have such a variety of birds, vegetation & wildlife so close to an urban area.

although i use trails more recreationally than socially (ie. i try to be out when it isn't crowded) i have been lucky enough to meet some great people because of the system.

add to that the fact that so much of the system allows off leash dogs and we have a unique situation that sometimes gets taken for granted. this is a reminder to myself not to do that.

saw bodhi & his mom this morning & had a great time rubbing mr. wiggle butt's belly & catching up with ilene. halle was disappointed bod didn't want to play, but he's all about the people....

the flower book says sagebrush mariposa tulips (as far as i can tell). sego lily shaped, different coloring.

 echo did the look out thing as we came down chickadee but i couldn't figure out what he had. i should know by now to trust him that there's something there, though. bottom of the hill was a muley. so proud of the dogs for sitting & staying while i took the photo. the white stuff is hemlock, noxious weed.
yesterday there was a wedding (white dress, jackets & all- it was great!) on top of camel's back. this mroning there was a fiddler (also great!)

happy trails!

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