Wednesday, August 27, 2008

missed it!

had to start work early this a.m., and my toe is sore (not sure what's up with that, but hope it goes away fast!), so we did a noon neighborhood jaunt instead.

i did get this note from ginger-

Suzie Lindberg and I picked up a bit of extra poo this a.m. on "MR"-and FYI the coyotes are back over there. 2 chased a guy w/2 dogs just above the clubhouse this morning about 730 am.

so watch out for the coyotes at military reserve.

thanks to those of you who have responded to my plea for help. we still need people for the afternoon at trailpalooza- there will be music & all sorts of fun. this is a good opportunity for education, since this is one place that it will truly be dangerous for dogs (and small children for that matter) not to be controlled. the velodrome is built for bikes- there are cross country race trails, and places to jump & do tricks. a loose dog could cause serious injury- and be seriously injured.

looking forward to getting out tomorrow-

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