Saturday, August 9, 2008

hard guy

we were going to hike upper shingle creek, but tho we saw the trail sign we didn't see the trail, so we went down hard guy instead.

pretty smoky in the valley-

my favorite buckwheat all over- yellow, red, and colors in between. it was very pretty. there were still a few lupine here & there, yarrow, lots of sage and bitterbrush. on the road back out to bogus indian paintbrush and fireweed were blooming.

wondering what the original trail was here. most of the trail is single track and very clean, but this spot was widenend.

no other hikers or dogs. all of the mt bikers were really nice- thanked us for getting the dogs off the trail, said have a nice day- very pleasant. one runner- who we saw running up 8th street- he was on a really long loop.

beautiful morning, getting pretty warm by the time we got up there.

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