Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 trips

dog training refresher started today. i could get very skinny between 2 daily loops & the stress diet...

with echo it was still sort of dark when we got to the reserve- kinda creepy, but redfox & chickadee are open and there were other people and it got light quick so not too bad.

will have to alternate street runs or morning noon at some point, tho. probably good to spend separate time on walks at least a few times a week.

that plan will cut into time to pick up opp. saw a gal running with 2 black labs this am- she's there most mornings, the dogs are good, she carries leashes- but i saw one of the dogs up the hill going while she was down the trail running away. she called her dog, but didn't come back to pick up. probably figured since he/she was up in the weeds no big. but there's a bit on and by the side of the trail too, and i'm not sure the situation would have been different had the dog been closer to the trail.

this is one thing i love about chickadee ridge. nice to be on top & see. the photo reminds me of being at red rocks watching the sun come up over the plains of denver- sitting in the dark watching the light approach.

lots of dogs this morning- all good, all owners good. asked 2 women not to let their dogs come up to echo & me and they were great about it- one picked up her westie, saying it was the safest way to be sure. no "why? is he mean?", just ok, we'll do it. all other folks also aware. quite a few dogs on leashes in the off leash area and everyone seemed to be getting along just fine.

round 1- 8 with, 9 without; round 2- 11 with, 10 without.

have a great day!

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