Sunday, August 10, 2008


started the day with class with echo. always nice to have the option to do refereshers- and good for the dogs to behave around other dogs. play time after is nice too :)

when i asked why echo gets grumpier on the trails than elsewhere paula said it must be me, b/c he was really good in class. (no surprise- i know i get anxious when strange dogs come trotting up). so, back to one dog at a time & focus. i need to be better for my dog. i'm just glad that i found a trainer & a method that works for me and my dogs. and i like the option of lifetime classes. it's an ongoing process, especially with the strong willed breeds i seem to choose (go figure).

after class, halle & i went out & did grove to red cliffs to red fox to chickadee and around hull's pond.

not tons of people out- it was fairly warm at 11 (well, in the low 70s). the guy on the right had 3 dogs, off leash (off leash area). they were not so good at coming when he called.....

gals with the boston had their dog on leash their entire walk. i left halle on to work with her on walking nicely by other dogs. she did pretty well. it's good to have her out alone & work on sit stays & recall & nice leash manners. she is still puppy bonehead, but getting better.

i haven't been on these trails in a while- i usually go higher on weekends to avoid the crowds, and during the week it's the quick easy red fox/ chickadee loop. so i haven't see these signs, even though i know they've been up for a while.

swimba worked with bpr on the mt bike signs and they're nice- they send the message succinctly and clearly. also good reminder on the private property- i think lots of people don't know- and certainly wouldn't expect pvt property access this low in the system.

this is skeleton weed- not the blue flowers i shot friday.

trails looked good until red fox. will have to figure out when i can do clean up this week. leashes seem to be staying a bit better with the tags- yay!

time to get ready for the new week-

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