Sunday, August 3, 2008

sunday august 3

corrals this morning- another fun drive up bogus basin past bikes who refuse to ride single file and then give cars dirty looks for not going around really wide. if the bikes would ride single file when cars are passing it would work lots better for all of us.
it's been a while since we've been there. these guys are outside of the stock gate to hard guy- not sure what that's about, but i heard cattle bawling elsewhere too, so be warned.

we went through the stock gate towards hard guy. these flowers are still blooming, but there's no more water in the stream- probably hasn't been for a while.

here's echo looking for a drink. they sampled lots of nice cow patties, which probably added to the thirst factor.

as usual for corrals, quite a few bike riders. most very polite, but i do get irked when i, the pedestrian walking uphill with the right of way, get my dogs to sit at the side of the trail & don't even get a thank you.

so we stayed on the trail instead, on our side, and several groups passed still going double. that's how the trails get wider. (not just bikes, pedestrians too).

of course, not all bicyclists fall into the categories described above, i just ran into a few today.

smoky out again, but the city view is still nice. we ran into a few other dog owners. the trail could use some tlc- probably hit it between when the folks who have adopted the trails cleaned, but we all need to do our part to keep things up.

have a great lazy sunday!

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