Wednesday, August 6, 2008

another gorgeous sunrise

yet another beautiful day. i am really taking time to appreciate lately because things have been so hectic at work. it is good for me to slow down and enjoy the quiet and appreciate the beauty. and to watch the dogs be in the moment checking things out and playing with each other. remembering that there's so much more to focus time & energy on than things that seem immediate and stressful.

great interactions with all folks and dogs today. when people saw me sit halle and echo down, or saw that they were leashed, the leashed their dogs as well or called them to heel and we all got along fine.

saw steve picking up opp- thanks so much. red fox, once again, needs some tlc- i haven't been able to spend the time this week. and it really ticks me off that it is pretty consistently in need of tlc. even the on leash area. where, we just heard, compliance is 95% (thanks all!). so what does that mean? that leashing doesn't really help? or that it's the early morning crew & loose neighborhood dogs?

6 with, 5 without.
i will post again with notes from the fcac meeting and send out an email. things are very reasonable right now, though, due in large part to everyone's efforts over the summer, so thanks again.
now, better get to work-

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