Monday, August 25, 2008

i'm part of that group

beautiful sunrise. nice run with echo, well behaved dogs & owners, rules followed, etc.

back with halle, at camel's back entrance, a woman with a medium sized black & white short haired dog (bella or stella) and small black dog. both off leash. bella/stella makes a beeline for halle, who of course wants to play & tries to pull my arm out of its socket while i am trying to get her attention by buzzing her. training through distractions, ok.

she makes sort of an apology, i mention enforcement starting, she says "i know- i'm part of the group that put those leashes out". i said so am i, my other dog would not have been as friendly if your dog charged him, loose dogs & leashed don't mix. i don't really care what you do otherwise, but i wanted to be sure you knew that enforcement is starting.

she thanked me, and leashed her dogs (halle was, by now, doing a decent heel, considering the dogs were checking her out.)

we have made it clear that we believe the rules should be followed and enforced. please don't say you're a member of boise trail dog if you're breaking the rules. and if i need to refund anyone's money, let me know. the only way we will maintain access is to follow the current rules and be good dog owners. this includes not letting our dogs run uncontrolled.

i was guilty this am when halle ran up to another dog to play. she's too big. she faked me out b/c she was in a good heel and a bit behind me so i didn't see the signs. from now on, she gets leashed so i can teach her.

i am also certain that this woman means well and that she doesn't see herself or her dogs as part of the problem. i've been there. that's what education is about. but bella/stella, who clearly has lots of energy to burn off, really wasn't under voice control (she didn't return when called) and she was off in the weeds and whatever she did there was not likely to be picked up that i could see.

i met 2 of the ihs enforcement patrol this morning. they will be out at random times & on random trails. they will be out as early as 6 a.m., so please pass the word.

both trips 5 with & 5 without
have a good monday!
ps- the mountain bike guy with the black lab that i talked to a few weeks ago is riding with his dog leased & looks like he's working on training. a great thing to see. i will have to tell him about paula in case he's interested next time i see him.

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