Monday, August 11, 2008

monday the 11

nice morning- out twice. run more with echo (maybe i can start getting back in running shape, which would be great- it is much easier with 1 dog at this point).

guy with 2 dogs off leash- saw him in the alley between 10th & 11th, then in the park. his dogs didn't bother us and were well behaved, but still off leash in the on leash area.

we did a few sit stays & comes- echo was really good. leashed him up when i saw the folks running behind me with their dog get ready to pass. they in turn made sure their dogs didn't run up to us (by picking it up- pretty funny), which was much appreciated.

met some gals with 3 dogs on chickadee. they had one by the collar, the other 2 were loose. they looked a bit askance when i waved the quirt at one of their dogs, but i was just waving it- the dog wasn't coming to the owner as called and i just wanted her to quit following and sniffing echo.

evening primrose blooming- such pretty white delicate flowers on the hot dry hillside.

back with halle & carolyn- which was great, b/c c walked hal while i picked up opp. 2 bags full- typical monday morning on red fox. good news is that the leashes are still there, tho i did see a tag ripped off of one.

coming down chickadee ran into a woman with 3 dogs. halle & the first 2 greeted each other & had a bit of a frolic, but greta was told off and stayed by her mom's leg on the outside of the trail- owner between her & us- as they went by. i did my part by calling halle back & not letting her approach. it all worked quite well and that's where i want to be with both of my dogs.

first trip- 6 with, 5 without; second trip 8 with, 5 without.

happy monday!

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