Thursday, August 7, 2008

thursday morning

another 2 trip morning, and another beautiful sunrise.

red fox looked great today- thanks to steve and deb and allison all of whom i know help pick up when they're out.

dogs leashed where they needed to be, owners very polite when i said we didn't really want to visit in the off leash area. people just said ok and walked their dogs by and it was all good.

i don't understand the idea that some people have that all dogs need to meet & greet on the trails, and there's something wrong with either the dog or the owner if they don't want to do that. if i want my dogs to play with other dogs i take them to the dog park or doggie day care or play time after class at paula's.

i don't really want them visiting with dogs on the trails. it really should be enough to say please keep your dog away, we don't want to visit. no explanation owed.

if people do want their dogs to play, by all means- just check with the other dog owner first. i have seen this cause problems with trail blockage, though, making it hard for runners or bikes or other dog owners to wade through a group.

my unofficial counts are, as usual, about 50/50- first trip was 8 with and 7 without, second trip was 7 with and 5 without

it's almost friday! woo hoo!

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