Wednesday, August 13, 2008

back on track

beautiful morning!

both dogs & carolyn. went a bit later. most dogs leashed where they should be, and minding if not.

opp situation the usual- ie no one has picked it up for the boneheads who don't so there was a bit of it out. i'll get some tomorrow.

leashes still in good supply- yay!

one mt bike with dog- dog came running up behind us- echo looked at me, i called him over & let halle & the dog greet each other, then the mt biker called & they went on their way- worked quite well. we gave other leashed dogs room & we all walked by each other nicely.

carolyn saw a fox cross the trail after one group of dogs and before we got there. we saw deer tracks at the top of the hill headed back down to the pond.

9 with, 8 without.... happy wednesday all!

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