Thursday, August 28, 2008

off leash, not uncontrolled

another lovely sunrise! saw the PET patrol going in with echo. everyone we met leashed or controlled their dog when they saw me leash him- all very nice about it, no requests needed- it was great! and he was great- walked right by no problems.

red fox and chickadee both look great- thanks to the usual suspects- steve, deb & alison- and whoever else has been helping out.

another of my favorites, rabbitbrush, getting ready to bloom. part of its appeal for me is that it means fall is coming- my favorite time of the year.

and a sage shot, just because the light was so nice coming through.

this is laurel & jake. laurel always gets jake to her & has him stay with her when she sees us coming leashed up. greatly appreciated!

first trip, 5 with and 5 without; second trip 14 with and 8 without.

i had halle leashed when we saw other dogs to work on her lunging habit. 3 runners we met on the wide part of red fox all leashed their dogs to go by without question or issue (which was great, but not the training opportunity i was looking for!).

we ran into a big akita on top of the ridge, though, who was standing and watching us approach with his shoulders sort of hunched in a very alert manner. would not be a good dog to charge, no matter how playfully. so she tried, but i zapped when she hit the end of the leash and she got it & we walked right on by.

we continued leashed because it was getting busy and we had some good practice with clueless people letting their dogs approach. i told one gal that there was a couple behind me with a leashed dog that didn't take kindly to being approached and maybe she could keep her dogs away (this after they sort of nipped at halle). her response was "this is the off leash area, dogs do better when they're all off leash". well, unless they're dog aggressive, or don't have recall, or the owner is training.......

anyway- it was a beautiful morning, and hopefully she'll give that some thought!

almost friday!

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