Friday, August 8, 2008

friday morning

late start today, pretty quiet. sage & boudreaux off leash in the on leash section entering the park from camel's back. had to stop & say hi- not too quick to respond to their owner calling them, but they went eventually.

then, 2 great experiences- gal running on red fox saw me leash halle & echo, so she went back and leashed her dog up to pass us. thanked her very much.

i also had a good mt bike experience- the kind where they slowed down, thanked me for getting the dogs off the trail & told me how many of them there were- this all on the downhill from chickadee, which makes it even better.

the memory of which was nearly wiped out by the bonehead we saw racing down the hill by the pond and zooming out into the park.

i'm thinking that the blue flowers are skeleton weed, which is evil & noxious, but i liked the yellow & blue together.

steve & teschka (hope that's at least close!) enjoying the morning. steve helps clean up opp a lot and runs, bikes and walks the trails regularly.

9 with (including one mt biker with 2 dogs) and 5 without. leash compliance about 65%

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