Tuesday, July 1, 2008


what a gorgeous sunrise! and getting wet was good- it cooled us off. i managed not to get hit by lightning, tho my walking partner was smart enough to go home....

i don't understand the people i see running every morning who clearly are not picking up after their dogs. how can i tell? dogs behind runner (or bike rider), person never looks back; or dog running up on hill, person below on trail; dog waaaaaaaaaaaay out in front of person; person talking with friend and not even watching dog. if the dog isn't visible, there's no way to know what it's doing.

i bring this up because i picked up 15 piles between camel's back & the 9th st kiosk this morning. if i lived in one of the houses right behind the path, i would be complaining all of the time. can't smell very good when things pile up there (pun intended).

at the very least, people who just refuse to interrupt their workout to pick up should go back to the trail at least once a week & pick up miscellaneous poop and trash. it's the right thing to do.

i.hs is starting enforcement this week. they will be out more than bpd, and will vary times of day. bpd is also stepping up enforcement in the parks. the people who are not responsible and are causing problems for the rest of us may need to start paying attention.

on the good side, everyone we met this morning had a well behaved dog, most were leashed where they should be, all called to heel or leashed up & passed nicely.

i saw 3 of my neighbors on our walk this morning- i love that, the feeling of community and knowing that we all have the appreciation of the trails in common.

but it's not all neighborhood folks- here's the 9th st parking lot at about 7:15...... and more cars in camel's back.

have a great tuesday!

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