Monday, June 30, 2008

just another manic monday

warm! 68 degrees at 5:30 this morning. not surprisingly, lots of people out & about. all good- dogs on leash where they should be, off where they could be. beautiful sunrise- clouds to make it pink and blue.

not so pretty- someone went four wheeling in the reserve. flattened bitterbrush & sagebrush, the trail is widened & torn up. i just don't get it. there was also trash that i couldn't get this morning- it was a running day, and i had small poop bags, not big albertsons haul stuff out bags. will get it tomorrow, if it's still there.

and now, off to start the day- happy monday all!


Anonymous said...


I also saw the tire tracks and smashed Sage Brush this morning. I have heard that there was a fire in the Camels Back area Sunday evening, which explains the tracks. My dog Teshka and I picked-up about a third of a Albertson's bag of OPP and beer cans and bottles around the Hulls Pond Loop, Red Fox, and the Grove trails. Thanks for all you do.


marianne said...

thank you steve- appreciate the clean up & the info. it looked like a joy ride b/c there were tracks down to the trees too.... i would like it if i'm wrong.and thanks for the help with opp on red fox- mk