Sunday, June 8, 2008

great hike

a nice hike up 8th st. 2 hikers dogless, 3 groups of mt bikers, dogless, one group of runners with dogs.
all nice & polite, no issues. lots of sheep & cow poop to sample ( i can't catch them every time!). looked like sort of recent cow sign- hoof prints in wet mud & the inside of the patty was still damp.

i had the dogs on leash coming out where the trail is single track & tried to take a picture. basically there is no way that i could run with 2 dogs on 6 ft leashes down single track and keep them on trail. and if they are at the end of a 6 or 8 ft leash it is, for me, less control than having them off leash, not to mention the additional territorial issues of leashed dogs meeting each other on a narrow trail. i don't see how it could work.

saw a hawk gliding & lots of coyote poop- which halle has to greet with a little wet of her own. meadowlarks singing, lupine, flax & bachelor buttons blooming. cheat starting to go brown. a little snow still clinging to the owyhees across the valley- beautiful morning!

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