Tuesday, June 3, 2008


today not so good. rats! guess it's just that i was out before the bulk of folks yesterday. first- the good news- every dog was on leash when on on leash trails. owners very nice.

not such good news- lots of OPP. someone runs red fox in the morning with a little dog who poops on the trail. not good. do these people just leave dog poop in the street if the dog goes there while they're running? i don't get it. small dog poop is just as disgusting as big dog poop- and i don't want to step in any of it.

the thing that really annoyed me about all of the OPP is that i couldn't even work up good righteous indignation toward the 3 moutain bikers who came bombing down red fox. we could have had a good wreck if the on leash dogs & i had been headed up that stretch as they were coming down.

bottom line- there are poster children for bad behavior all over the place and across user groups.

those of you who run or bike with your dogs if you just can't stop to clean up while you're out with them- please go back and clean up a trail later. we all need to pitch in & do our part or we will all suffer the consequences. i love the message on SWIMBA's site that these trails are a privelege, not a right. we need to remember that & act accordingly.

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