Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dog lovers

another gorgeous morning!
15 piles opp between camel's back and the 9th st kiosk. another 7 piles between that kiosk and the trash can at the intersection of red fox & hull's pond trails. more (i quit counting) from that trash can to the one by the water towers. this on the trail that tracy said was clean on sunday morning.

perhaps poop enforcement on weekend days would be a good idea. trace said she counted about 16 piles yesterday, so i'm guessing that's when the bulk appeared.

we met holly in the off leash area and i let halle say hi. she gave her a little roll, maybe we can all be friends now.

i got an email from a woman who had a bad experience with a non dog person pulling out pepper spray and waving it at her little terrier who was just saying hi. in the end, it's best to remember that you don't know the person approaching you. they may be scared of dogs. if that's the case, doesn't matter size or breed, or if the approaching dog is the nicest, most lovable and gentle dog in the world. scared is scared. they may be highly allergic to dogs. they may just really not like dogs. if someone wants to meet your dog, they'll generally ask. it's about respecting other people.

i was reminded to heed my own advice this morning when i let halle say hi to a shorthair pup who was with a runner. the runner evidently didn't see the same happy goofy i just wanna play big puppy that i see- she looked apprehensive to see 100 lbs of hal come trotting over. note to self- always keep the dogs with me until i know it's ok. i usually do, this was a good reminder to continue that practice.

off to phoenix tomorrow and thursday. hopefully tracy & paula will post. if readers email pics and comments to idswissy@yahoo.com i'll put them on the blog.

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