Saturday, June 28, 2008


when it's 61 degrees at 6:30, pretty good indication that the day will be warm. dopey me, i only took one water bottle. so we only went a bit over 3 miles. wonder when halle will decide that it's not so bad to drink from the water bottle. echo gladly opens up & lets me squirt water down his throat, but she looks at me suspiciously and trots off with her tongue hanging down to her knees. guess if she gets thirsty enough she'll figure it out.

no water to be found off of trail 1. just went a little past the gate, so i'm not sure how it looks farther back. saw a few people as we were going in, but they were all smart & on the way out already.

not sure what the flowers are. the pink ones are really tiny, and i see them everywhere. this is why i like to be on foot- i would never notice things like this otherwise.

leashes low again. talked to one guy who was carrying one of them- even tho his dog had no collar on- who said he thought they were free to take. guess he missed the part on the sign that says return.

also talked to some women going into the reserve from camel's back with a dog off leash. i mentioned the fines & the woman said- oh, i always leash her here before we go in the reserve. um, ok, there's a leash law that can be enforced in the park too.....

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