Saturday, June 7, 2008

saturday run

another beautiful sunrise. we did the normal short loop, since i have somewhere to be at 8.

4 dogs off leash in the on leash area. 2 owners had the dogs with them and the dogs were well behaved, but that's not going to save anyone from a ticket.

the IHS and parks are close to an agreement, and the level of enforcement will be going up. off leash fine adds up to about $60 when court costs are included.

the other person's dog wasn't in their sight at all- heard quite a bit of "come here" then saw the dog burst out of the pond area & tear up the hill to the runner. pretty hard to clean up after your dog if you don't know where they are.

one group of runners, dogless, and a group of walkers, also dogless- all were friendly to the pups, though.

person-who-runs-with-pooping-little-dog was there before me. 3 in the trail poops. pretty sure they're from a dog & not coyote due to color & lack of hair. other than that, we gave ourselves the day off to actually have a run & enjoy, and we did!

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