Friday, June 13, 2008

snake alert

heads up, everyone! a runner reported hearing a snake rustling just off a narrow trail in harrison hollow around 9am yesterday morning. it's that time of year to start paying closer attention to your surroundings and reinforcing your recall commands if you run with off-leash dogs. and if you're really concerned, in mid-august the snake river versatile hunting dog group offers a rattlesnake avoidance class for you and your dogs.

actually, it's always the right time of year to reinforce your recall commands. :)

also, many thanks to the city of boise for the installation of additional trash cans along the camel's back-area trails and up along crest line. (no doubt there are more, but these are the trails i run or walk on most frequently.) now, please, friends, let's, um, USE them. :) i spent part of my run on sunday picking up 7 piles of other people's poop; these piles were either smack in the middle of the trail or just to the side, and within 50 feet of the new trash cans.

picking up after our dogs is one of the most basic responsibilities of dog ownership, not to mention common courtesy and respect for other trail users. if you're reading this blog, you probably already follow the rules, but if i can reach even one person with this reminder and help preserve off-leash access for all of us who appreciate it, i will sleep well tonight. :)

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