Saturday, June 14, 2008

a day to be thankful

thank you to the dog owners who pick up after their four-legged friends. i only had to pick up 2 piles of other people's poop today.

thank you to the people who adopted the high-use trails; these trails and trailheads are consistently cleaner than others. keep up the good work!

thank you to the mountain bikers today who politely alerted me when they were coming up behind me and my elderly lady dog.

thank you to the nice family walking sans dog who made a big fuss over said elderly lady dog.

and thank you to the heavens for providing us with a gorgeous spring morning! everyone i encountered in the foothills was in a great mood. i've been eagerly awaiting the sound of the bullfrogs in hull's pond, and finally i heard them bellow. a hallmark of springtime in boise for me.

that's what i'm thankful for today. these folks should be thankful, too:
-- a man in camel's back park throwing a frisbee for his two well-behaved dogs. (not sure where to go to throw frisbees or tennis balls for dogs any more, but the park IS designated on-leash.)
-- 2 women running toward the trailhead from 11th street with two off-leash dogs.

stepped-up enforcement of existing laws will happen. do you really want to chance $100-plus in tickets and court costs?

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