Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tuesday morning

another beautiful start to the day!

getting busier early, like it does when the days heat up. lots of dogs this morning. 4 black labs, one golden, one gsd, 3 shorthairs, 2 aussies- guess that's 11. no problems. most people with poop bags, and keeping dogs with them and in sight. even holly, who usually does a mini barking charge, listened to her owner when he said be good.

there were 2 runners with their dogs on leash in the off leash area- we just got over & let them pass. the dogs were on leashes around the runner's waists. i can imagine what a mess it would be to get tangled up with a loose dog in that situation. another good reason to keep dogs in sight & not let them run up to people (or dogs) until it's established that it's OK. leashed dogs and off leash dogs generally don't mix too well anyway- the leashed dog can't run away if it feels the need, and may feel more protective of the owner to boot. no problem sharing the trail as long as everyone pays attention.

there were at least 4 groups of dogless runners, one solo mt biker and one group of 3 mt bikers.

and 9 or 10 piles of opp. including "little pooping in the trail dog".

this morning's soapbox: if you run or bike with your dog and cannot stop during your workout to pick up after him or her, please go back later, take a nice walk & clean up misc. poop & trash. part of owning a dog is cleaning up after him or her. even if you don't think it's a big deal, plenty of people do, and those people will continue to make it an issue, so please just help us keep things clean.

have a great day!

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