Monday, June 23, 2008


went earlier than usual this morning- and it was lovely. moon hanging over the hills, nice and cool. we even ran more than we walked- woo hoo! things looked good.

came across this guy and another, snarly little (well, 30-40 lbs) black dog- shaved with a fuzzy tail on red fox. no person anywhere near. collar and tags on the black dog- but i couldn't get close enough to check- she was growling at halle. probably turned out from a house somewhere in the area. this really annoys me for many reasons- and i don't need to go into them, but i would love to see a concentrated effort to round up roaming dogs and impress upon their owners that it's just not ok to open the door & let 'em go.

echo in his new summer do. learned yesterday that double coats work both ways- keep the dogs warm in winter, cooler in summer. so tho it may seem like a good idea to shave a double coated dog to keep them cooler it really does the opposite.

echo's cut is all about cheat grass. he was bringing it home in his face. not good to have near the ears or eyes, and hard to get every single piece while out. even tho i check between his toes after every excursion there was plenty in there yesterday when i shaved his feet. and he still has an inch or more of coat, hopefully that will keep him cool enough (as will hanging in the air conditioned house!)
off to start the week- have a good one!

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