Thursday, June 5, 2008

help needed on red fox

it was another beautiful morning! a bit cool, but clear. big skunk smell coming in from the park- i must have brushed against something, because i still smell it.

every dog we ran into was on leash where they were supposed to be, and off leash where ok and owners were respectful about letting dogs approach. very nice. probably 4 runners/walkers with dogs, 3 groups without.

5 piles of opp. one full bag in the trail coming in from the park (huh?) and another in the middle of the trail pile. the others were right on the side of the trail. all very visible- not me crawling through sage looking for piles. i am switching my adopted trail to red fox, since i pick up every morning there anyway. i could probably use some help. preferably from the people who are not picking up after their dogs now.

also more deer tracks coming down toward the pond.

have a great day!

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