Monday, June 9, 2008

another week

beautiful monday morning- good way to start the week. 3 off leash dogs in the on leash area- none of them a problem, but not sure that there won't be enforcement at 6 am at some point.

one on leash dog in the offleash area- we got off the trail & let them run by, all was good. and one on leash in the on leash. 2 dogless runners. no bikes this am. i did see one guy getting in a car with his bike on top & work clothes hanging from a hook- looked like he stopped for a ride on his way in to the office. not just neighborhood folks using the trails, even early.

3 fresh little running dog poops in the middle of the trail. those i picked up. the other piles by the side can wait until tomorrow- we needed to run today.

this pic is a bit fuzzy, because we were running, but i wanted to share how halle helps. (in case you can't tell, she has echo's leash in her mouth and is helping me keep him in line). she is a good little enforcer- unless she gets sidelined by something more interesting, so i have to keep hold of him too.....

happy monday everyone!

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