Friday, June 20, 2008

leashes up!

all set, thanks to jodi peterson, windermere/richard b smith real estate, zamzows and ridge to rivers. this is jodi, who came up with the idea and jason smith who donated some of the leashes. jason's family used to own a lot of land in the gulch & he remembers horseback riding through the area as a child.

reminder that all dogs need to be on leash in parking lots- this is for their safety as much as anything. lots of congestion. dogs also tend to relieve themselves immediately out of the car- lots of excitement, etc. if a dog is leashed, it's pretty hard to miss an event. better yet- you're right near the bags & trash cans :)

it's also in the guidelines that dog owners have leashes with them even on off leash trails.

this is the parking lot at 10:30 am- on a warm day- i am always surprised at how busy the trails are, even at mid day. every dog we saw walk through the lot was on leash- good job folks!

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