Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i almost didn't make my loop this morning- work has been insane- 12 hr days, not one day off in the past 2 weeks- starts to wear on a person. then there's all of the other stuff that needs to be done- like eating, having relationships, some sort of relaxation- none of this is foreign to most of you i'm sure.

then i realized i was thinking about not doing the one thing that keeps me sane. not a great idea! and it was a beautiful morning- the pink clouds glowing in the sky, the bullfrogs singing, watching halle do her silly sideways rocking horse run down the trail and watching her & echo play. i ignored the opp to be picked up, went in sure that we would have good encounters with everyone we met- and we did. and now i am in better shape to face another long day at my computer.

as i've said before, the trails are a treasure.

around 20 without & 11 with. leashed where necessary, all dogs under control and good. we sat by the side of the trail for 3 to pass & since the dogs went by & we were sitting it all worked out fine. it's a space thing.

one loose dog running rampant- some sort of small white bird dog with a dark head zooming around.

nice, cool, busy morning...... now, off to do the job that makes it all possible :)

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