Sunday, July 6, 2008

corrals all to myself!

i couldn't believe that when i pulled into the corrals lot at around 7 am there was not one other car there- been a long long time since i have had that experience! the other folks pulled in right behind me.

lots of little bird tracks in the switchback trail up from the parking lot. they make very cool patterns in the dirt. it's fun to play indian guide and see who else has been here- horses, cattle, runners, bikes, birds, dogs, lots of coyote scat, deer poop- all sorts of creatures.

today's wildflowers- what i call fleabane & is really called threadleaf daisy, then what appears to be moth mullein, also seen in white. lastly- there will be a nice berry break for trail users later this summer- big berry patch right on the trail.

this riparian area looks to have hooved animal degradation rather a dog issue. in fact, lots of the trails off of corrals look more like wildlife or stock trails than anything else. this is one area where it's hard for me to imagine that dogs do more damage to the natural environment than other users.

speaking of hooved animals- the cows are out- with calves. the stock gate to hard guy is down. the cattle are not far off the trail. lots of yummy fresh road apples for canine sampling (cow, horse and sheep- a veritable smorgasboard). i am so very thankful that my guys show no interest in stock. other folks who may not be so lucky will need to keep an eye on your dogs and keep them away from the cattle. we are fortunate that the private landowners allow access and it's important not to abuse their hospitality by allowing dogs to chase or otherwise harass stock.

it was a lovely walk- met quite a few bike riders, all were very pleasant & thanked me for keeping the dogs in line. met 3 other dog owners, all very good about communicating what was ok. trails look clean, it was a great way to start the day!

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