Wednesday, July 30, 2008

middle of the week

another beautiful morning. nice and cool out, managed to run a bit. i will have to pick up when i get back from phoenix, tho- opp piling up on red fox & chickadee. it just really confuses me. i have seen lots more people out in the mornings, tho, so i imagine it's busier in general since it's not 100.

we will have more leashes (provided by windermere/richard b smith real estate) in a few weeks, with some nice tags to remind people to bring them back, courtesy of erik. in the meantime, we have empty hooks, so if you have an old leash or two to donate, please do so.

saw anne hausrath yesterday, and she said she has noticed compliance with leash laws is still good. she did ask us to remind people that bagging poop is a good first step, but it also needs to be taked to the trash can & thrown away.

5 with (glad i caught dave with daisy this morning! and 11 without.

i must be later than i was in june- i am missing the usual group, but i want to be sure it's light when i'm up there. too many years in big cities.

off to phoenix early tomorrow, no posts unless tracy or paula are inspired. halle & echo get to walk with someone from healthy hounds...... i'll be back saturday-

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