Tuesday, July 22, 2008

strange day

two sort of strange experiences this morning. first was i had halle & echo off to the side so that the runner & walker i saw coming could easily pass- wide part of the trail, they were in a sit & i was between them & the trail. runner went by, said thanks, nice dogs, kept going.

walker took off up hill right by a this is not a trail do not walk back here sign. maybe she is seriously scared of dogs. i am really curious, b/c i don't know what more we could have done, and i feel kind of bad. but they were in a sit stay and made no move toward the runner when she went by, so who knows?

then, as i was in the bushes getting opp in the on leash area, black lab yellow lab come running up, halle & echo say back off (they were leashed), i hear a bike go down. ask the rider if she's ok, say i'm sorry, it's just that on leash/off leash thing (trying to be nice & make a point). she's fine, says she can't walk her dogs on leash either. i said i can walk mine on leash, it's just difficult when loose dogs come running up. she responds with well, i can't walk mine on leash and if i didn't bring them up here to run off leash they'd never get out of the house. so i told her i was sorry for her & hoped she didn't get ticketed.

ok- one word- training. you have the power. invest some time, do some reading, either find a trainer or look on the internet. try a halter. you are not a victim. how do the dogs get from the house to the park? i know what it's like to feel like you have an uncontrollable dog. but, as with most things, education is the answer.

she's probably not picking up after them either. and if she's letting the dogs go running up to other dogs that are leashed, they're probably running up to people who don't really want to meet them either. the proverbial bad apple. who also happens to be someone who is doing the best she can and wants to be sure her dogs get out & get exercise.

so how do we reach people like this?

busy busy day- 8 with, 20 without....

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