Friday, July 25, 2008

back to normal

another beautiful morning. managed to run.

5 with/ 5 without, everyone good and polite.

nice mt bike experience- running up the hill by the pond on red fox, bikers stopped at the top to give us right of way. this is the spot i was concerned about getting in a tangle with leashed dogs & bikes a month or so ago. it would be doable for both, but tight.

thinking about yesterday and observing my dog. we walk by fences with dogs going nuts & running back & forth no problem. dog park, no problem. when he sees a dog on the trail ahead of us, he stops and looks back at me to ask what to do. when that happens, i call both dogs back, get them in a heel or sit or go down another path. all of those things work out as long as the other dog doesn't come up to us uninvited. control the controllables.

friday!!!! great day everyone-

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