Sunday, July 27, 2008

lazy sunday

we practiced our manners on leash around the neighborhood yesterday and went for a swim in the afternoon. another thing we really need from parks & rec is a place to take dogs to swim and for hunters to be able to train water retrieves. guess that's the rivers part of ridge to rivers.

very nice walk this morning, but quite smoky.

i find it really interesting that parts of this trail (the beginning, mostly) have lots of cheat, then it gets better- and i wonder of that's because the sheep were here earlier this year & ate the cheat while it was green, when it is actually edible. not that we didn't have our usual fun picking stuff out of echo's hair when we got home.

nice & cool at 8 am- about 60 degrees. one other hiker with a dog, a runner & one solo mt biker, one group of 2 riders.

nice, quiet, peaceful sunday morning.

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