Sunday, July 13, 2008


partly because i was in owyhee county yesterday and because the lower trails are pretty much taken over by cheat i was very taken by the beauty of the grass growing higher up today. still green and, to my uneducated eye, looks healthy. not much cheat or foxtail. i'll have to look back and see if it really has gotten high in the last few weeks, or if it's just the contrast.

some sort of clover looking plant growing alongside the trail. still a few lupine blooming, some yellow flowers scattered here & there through the grass. mariposa lily also making a few appearances.

watching halle run is an education in acting with reckless abandon and in the joy of movement. tongue hanging out, ears flapping, tail rotoring to keep her on course- a sight to behold (as i hope she plans on putting on the brakes before her 90 lb self hits my knees!). the sort of thing that neither one of us can enjoy when she's leashed up. (and no, she doesn't always come running quite like this every tine i call, but we're working on it.... and yes, the treats are very good).

we were a bit late leaving the house, and it was warming up nicely, so we didn't go too far. met a runner & 2 bikers w/o dogs, 2 women running with a dog.

everyone very nice and polite- another good day!

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