Monday, July 28, 2008

monday july 28

nice and cool this morning. still quite smoky. need to buy an olympus back up bat for the camera- the off brand one just doesn't hold a charge so not many photos this am.

5 with, 10 without, including a pack of mt bikes as we were between the pond & the camel's back entrance. i am going to guess that, just like some dog owners don't think about the fact that not everyone wants to meet their dog, some mt bike riders have no idea how fast it seems they are going to those of us on the ground. 2 of the 5 did say "on your left"- which is helpful no matter how wide the trail, especially with 2 large leashed dogs. one went flying by- i was compelled to call "faster" (yeah, i'm impressed too, but he startled me, and was going faster than i was comfortable with.)

all dogs & owners good. looks like the weekenders left us some clean up to do tomorrow.

have a great week!

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