Saturday, July 19, 2008

harrison hollow

went to harrison hollow for the first time- i know, i can't believe i've never been there either. it was fairly busy, especially as we came back down.

imho, this is the biggest reason we have trail issues. growth. in the foothills and in the valley. the more people, the more pressure, the more opportunity for conflict. pretty simple recipe. and the more that's built in the foothills, the more stress on wildlife, native plants, etc.

hh is not part of ridge to rivers, it is open through the good graces of the landowner, and in danger of being developed. there is a group working on a campaign to save the area.

this is a long time off leash dog walking spot. so if it is saved and goes to r2r i hope that the dog owners who contribute to the cause can continue to use the trails. off leash.

bringing again to mind the question- if there was a serial levy tomorrow, how many dog owners would vote for it? i've heard from quite a few that they wouldn't. not until they are assured reasonable off leash access. need to see how much of a majority is needed, but i have to believe that would have a negative impact on chances of passage.

this is how much opp we picked up and put in the car to bring home & throw away. i wonder how i would feel if this is how people respected land i was kind enough to let them use.

echo picked up more foxtail and cheat here than anywhere else ever.

great weekend all!

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