Wednesday, July 9, 2008

lots o' photos

it is really nice to find leashed dogs in the on leash area when my own are on leash! i am working on halle and echo not thinking they need to greet every dog that walks by, and getting there. the lessons are so much easier when all dogs are appropriately tethered.

speaking of leashes, we started with 250 in the lend a leash program and they were all gone within 3 weeks. there are another 1000 coming and hopefully the attrition rate will slow down. in the meantime someone left a slip leash on the 9th street hook. i have an old leash or two hanging around as well- think i'll drop them off tomorrow.

haven't had a stupid poop pic for a while, so here's one from today. for the most part, though, things look really good. today was a walk & pick up opp day, and there was much less than there has been, so many thanks to everyone who is helping keep things clean!

today's dogless count: 14 people or groups

12 people/ groups with dogs

5 mt bikes, 2 with dogs included in that tally

i love sagebrush! it's probably really the whole high desert big open sky, mountains combination. here are some pics from today. the owyhees were a bit more visible than it looks here. also, never noticed the depot before, but here it is, glowing away. i really need to come back w/o dogs and w/ big camera for some shots of this and the capitol.

lastly, haven't had a good dogs on the trail photo lately either, so here they are.

have a great wednesday!

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