Wednesday, July 2, 2008

fired up

dogs not chasing runners

nice morning, nice people on trails, dogs leashed and good.

did talk to one runner who asked what trails were on & off leash (we told her what the signs look like). she commented that my dogs didn't chase. whether because she has been chased by dogs, or she has dogs that chase i'm not sure. either way- dogs can be trained! they don't have to chase people, wildlife, etc. they can be trained to stay on the trail, get out of people's way, not run up to every dog or person they meet.

this may be as much a matter of educating dog owners as educating the dogs. maybe more, in some cases.

training is a concept that some of the FCAC members don't seem to have much faith in. one member was commenting unfavorably (my impression of his words) on boulder's program to certify dogs to allow them off leash on trails. i have a friend who lives in nearby nederland and who will not take her dogs on the boulder trail system because they are not trained to pass the certification. what about that doesn't work? people with the desire to do the required work benefit, those who don't and are caught pay fines which go back into the system to pay for enforcement, upkeep, whatever. a fee charged for taking and passing the test could also be applied toward the cost of the program.

we need enforcement either way. why not put a program in place that will pay for it, and benefit dog owners who are willing to do what it takes to have access? why does it seem easier to make more rules that, if not enforced any better than the current ones, won't work any better?
please note that i am not saying that a certification program is the answer, but i am annoyed that it was dismissed so easily as an option. it is one possible way to preserve access for responsible dog owners, and the option should receive fair consideration, not be dismissed out of hand.
anyway- more to come on the proposal. still no recs from the fcac, but it sounds like there will be more public process.

per steve's note about the fire the other day- not four wheelers- here it is- by the river- now i understand the tracks! and still not sure how they got in to put this out.

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