Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weekend trails report and wolf pics

from Forrest Goodrum- Thanks Forrest!

FYI I have put together a weekend trails report.

Friday 5/16/08. I took a bucket and a spade to do a cleanup at the Crestline trailhead. I could NOT find any dog poop. Nothing, nada. There were no mutt mitts in the trailhead box. I called both Julia Grant and David Gordon and got voicemail and no return call. About three hours later I stopped by the Learning Center. David was on the porch handing out tee shirts for a fun run. He immediately contacted someone to replenish the mutt mitts.

Saturday 5/17/08. I spent two hours on the Corrals Trail. The Lupine was in full bloom. Spectacular. I could not find any dog poop, but did observe a carpet of sheep droppings and numerous old cow patties.

Sunday 5/17/08 I did a two hour circuit-- lower 8th St lot to Crestline to Red Cliff to Hulls Gulch to upper 8th St lot and back to lower lot. This gave me a look at three trail heads and some of the most heavily used trails in the central foothills. I picked up 6 dog poops, five of which were old ones well off the trail and hard to find ( I had my canine poop detector with me) There was some fresh coyote scat, a carpet of sheep droppings in three different areas and some big piles of horse apples in various places along my route.

Over the three days I saw about three dozen off leash dogs, all of which were friendly, well behaved and under control.

and 2 more wolf pics from our trip. they are amazing animals- huge and pretty incredible to see in the wild.

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