Wednesday, May 21, 2008

back home

oh it was nice to be out this morning! the pups were full of it- as much as they enjoy their vacations at the boise kennels spa, they seem to miss their foothills walks. for me, a nice way to transition back to what i'm sure will be a crazy rest of the week- lots to catch up on.

5 dogless runners, one with dog on leash in OL area, one walker with leashed dog in on leash area. everyone very pleasant & enjoying the morning.

took enough bags to scoop OPP (other people's poop) and picked up 4 or 5 piles. right on the trail. right by the trash can. must be dogs with runners or mt bikers. if runners & bikers who won't stop to clean up would go back on foot once a week and pick up misc piles it would make a big difference.

wildflowers are looking great- will have to go back dogless, with the big camera. firecracker penstemon and yarrow, and another type of penstemon, i believe.

then buckwheat- and look at all of those little tunnels- must be rodent homes- right off chickadee ridge. then some sort of onion- probably not aase's, but i will have to find a picture to know for sure. lastly, happy little fleabane.

and we also found this- deer tracks- right at the top of red fox where it goes back down to the pond.

we are organizing a poop scoop for saturday, may 31. for more information or to volunteer (we'll have raffle items & some fun) please contact me at

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