Sunday, May 25, 2008


text from tracy this morning:"I failed in my attempt 2 educate clueless but prob typical person who couldn't stop her dogs fm running up 2 mine n that ppl on these trails should expect 2 encounter loose dogs n 2 just deal w it."

nice, well meaning person who just can't control her dogs. i had a chat with some women on the trail who were also very nice, and whose dogs were well behaved, but they didn't understand why people who don't want to deal with dogs don't just use other trails. There is currently only one trail system closed to dogs, and that is Polecat. So those people don't have lots of other options right now. Our best hope to keep access is to be respectful and remember that not everyone wants to meet our dogs.

people who are afraid of dogs, or who have dogs that need to stay on leash for any variety of reasons- no recall, dog aggressive, etc. have just as much of a right to use the foothills as anyone else. we all need to respect each other and work together to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. and that means that if a dog doesn't come when it is called the owner should keep it leashed or do more obedience work.

not like the old days when you could be the only person on a trail and it didn't seem to be such a big deal.

one of the fcac committee members told me last week that her friends still run into 8 of 9 dogs off leash in the on leash area. i have run into really belligerent dog owners with off leash dogs on the on leash trails. come on people- the rule is the dogs should be on a leash. if your dog needs to be off leash, walk 50 more feet to the off leash trail. why is this so difficult?

Having off leash trails accessible is a privelege and we need to recognize that and start treating it as such.

anyway- beautiful morning on corrals- the lupine are still blooming, so if you haven't been up yet, check it out.

look at the deer print right in the middle of the tire tracks, dog prints & running shoes. there was also deer poop on the trail.

it was really busy, and every single person i met was pleasant. all of the dog owners were very polite about holding dogs back until it was established that it was OK to have a meet & greet.

mt bikers thanked me for getting the dogs off the trail, stopped to talk to me about them. one of the reasons i like the upper trails- people seem to make more of an effort.

happy memorial day to all!

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